10 eBay SEO Myths – #2: Descriptive Terms Are the Best Keywords for eBay Listings

In the second video of this series, 10 eBay SEO Myths, I dispel the myth that descriptive terms are the best type of keywords for eBay listings and titles as well as reveal the “secret” answer to what keywords are, indeed, the best to use.

I address why keywords, words that describe the content of a webpage, are important to eBay sellers in the first place. I go over what page content and keyword optimization are and why they are so critical to eBay SEO. I also discuss the difference between traditional search engine optimization and eBay-specific SEO techniques.

I talk about the three places eBay sellers are told to find product keywords for their listings, including the item itself, other eBay listings, and the seller’s imagination. I go over the basics of describing an item to be listed, why getting your keywords from other listings is a bad idea, and why assuming an eBay listing that ranks well necessarily has good keywords is absurd.

I discuss at length how what sellers use in their listings and what buyers search when looking for something can be drastically different, and I provide two detailed examples.


eBay’s “Writing a Good Title and Description”

eBay’s “How to Write Detailed Listings”


#1: Search Engine Optimization = Tricks

#2 – Descriptive Terms Are the Best Keywords

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