SEO Training Course in Singapore, Malaysia for Property Agents and Business Owners – SEO Trends 2013

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Are you a business owner? A property agent? A realtor? A doctor? A dentist? A private tutor? A fashion store owner?

Do you have problems with not having enough traffic or visitors to your website? You have spent alot of money and time creating your website after months but discover there are few visitors?

Do you have a budget issue? You can spend thousands of dollars monthly advertising to get traffic to your website. OR you can attend in depth SEO Training Workshop by Scott Tan at affordable rates. Scott Trains business owners and property agents in monthly search engine optimisation workshops and makes it SIMPLE for beginners and intermediate learners. Scott provides SEO training courses in Singapore and Malaysia for business owners and property agents.

To summarise the key SEO Trends for 2013 and 2014 – it’s about User Experience. Add value to your users and don’t chase after search engine rankings. Stop poor quality backlinking or cheap backlinks from, instead focus on quality content for your visitors. Also build credibility and authority on your website to gain trust from Google and your visitors. Matt Cutts from Google has openly mentioned that Google now follows social signals – are you using enough social signals to boost traffic to your website? If you haven’t, get started with your social media presence. You can do it yourself or learn from SEO Trainer, Scott Tan at :


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